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Business Spotlight
Cornerstone Shops in Chama

Owned and operated by Amy and Karl Staggs, Matt Koffel, and Dave Koffel; Cornerstone Shops in Chama carries men’s and women’s clothing; men’s and women’s shoes; outdoor gear; home décor; handcrafted furniture; toys; homemade fudge; locally made jellies, jams, and honey; coffee, kitchenware; jewelry; blankets; and so much more! If you are looking for a gift for someone or something for yourself, Cornerstone is a great place to go. There is literally something for anyone on your list, regardless of their interests. Stop by Wednesday thru Saturday between 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM (closed Sundays thru Tuesdays). Cornerstone is located in downtown Chama: 503 Terrace Ave, Chama, NM, 87520.


June 2022_Newsletter
Board Meeting Agenda

May 10, 2022

  1. Call to Order: President, Roseann Talamante
  2. Approval of Agenda: President, Roseann Talamante
  3. Approval of April 12, 2022, Minutes: President, Roseanne Talamante
  4. Financial Report: Treasurer, Anna Pobar 
  5. Village of Chama Representative
  6. CTSRR Representative: Abigail Martinez
  7. Committee Reports
    1. Welcome Center Update: Kim Smith-Casford
    2. Advertising Update
    3. Membership Committee: Karlee Phippen
    4. Office Report: Leah Phone
  8. Old Business:
  9. Business After HoursMay 19, 2022, at Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Depot
    1. Beautification of Visitor Center- Landscape Committee Update
    2. 5K/10K Race Update
    3. Cameras/Signage for Security
    4. Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up- May 16, 2022, at 5:00 pm
  10. New Business:
    1. Bud Harris Resignation
    2. Event Task Force- Alayna Alariana
    3. Bylaws/Bylaws Committee
    4. Executive Director/Welcome Center Staff Job Descriptions
    5. Summer Schedule of Events
    6. Chama Valley Art Festival Booth (free)
  11. Motion to Adjourn: Next Meeting, June 14, 2022

Board Meeting Updates

April 2022

  1. Call to Order: President, Roseann Talamante – 17:32pm 
  2. Approval of Agenda: President, Roseann Talamante – Kim Smith-Casford makes the motion, Abi Martinez seconds. Motion Passes
  3. Approval of April 12, 2022, Minutes: President, Roseanne Talamante – Abi Martinez makes a motion to approve minutes, Anna Pobar seconds. Motion passes
  4. Financial Report: Treasurer, Anna Pobar – Ms. Pobar presented the financial support, given to each board member. She mentioned a check was sent to Pam Alcorn for insurance for $1295, then they took it out on autopay. We were charged twice; Ms. Pobar will reach out to Ms. Alcorn to get it resolved. Ms. Pobar mentioned meeting with Kristina Archuleta at the Village and will go over invoices to see what else needs to be paid- the village owes $3900 for utilities. The full financial report is available if requested. The fundraiser tab is from the movie and poker run. Carolyn Beasley motions to approve the report, and Alayna Alariana seconds. Motion Passes. 
  5. Village of Chama Representative – Ernest Vigil. 6th week at village, budget meeting at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, May 11. Council meeting on Wednesday, May 25. The budget meeting for tomorrow, May 11 will be speaking about the advertising budget and the welcome center. Debt is sewer and water plant- the village has had numerous meetings with the governor’s office and senator’s offices to address the debt. Water & Sewer will be increased residentially, businesses will not see too large of an effect. The water plant is operating at a much lower amount than it should. This could be an issue in our coming summer months. No landlines are working yet at Village Hall, high volume of in-person bill paying. 
  6. CTSRR Representative: Abigail Martinez – Signed Contract for a food vendor at Osier “What the Truck” from Santa Fe, which will be providing traditional train meals. Upstairs has started renovations, the train made it by rail from Antonito to Cumbres. Leah asked if the Friends of the Train give money to the train. Kim Smith-Casford confirmed they do not give any money to the train, and that they do their own projects on their own for the train. Ticket sales are coming in strong. The train has lots of openings, with pay starting at $15.50.
  7. Committee Reports
    • Welcome Center Update: Kim Smith-Casford – Community members complained about ripping out the plants. Painting is coming along great. The fiscal year ends June 30th and asked GSD for new windows- a priority. State agencies have a lot of money. Ms. Smith-Casford is trying to get someone to check out the men’s restroom plumbing line. Sue Windeck requested to replace skylights. The village will paint the curbs and parking lot. Davie with the village came and power washed the building after the major dust storm. Bud Harris asked about the big sign to see if the name was going to be changed from Northern New Mexico Visitors center to something saying Chama. We want to be cautious because the county has donated and funded parts for the building. Ernest will bring it up to the council to change the name of the building to see if it is something they would want to do.
    • Advertising Update: Bud Harris. The last month of advertising is June, primarily targeted social media. Next year’s funds will be determined tomorrow at the village budget. Roseann Talamante asked if we need to be a part of the village advertising budget. Kim Smith-Casford stated that the fulfillment funds go to the chamber providing the service of answering the phones from the advertising contract and marketing materials. We still have the fulfillment contract for another year. Mr. Harris wants to do a proposal for the Chamber for the village advertising. Ms. Talamante stated we need to vote on it before we decide if we want to be the contractor. Ms. Smith-Casford believes that we need to keep the fulfillment contract, but we should not do the actual advertising. We do not have the resources, time, and capacity. Ms. Talamante would like to see the Chamber not involved. Anna Pobar questioned the GoDaddy payments of $431.65 and $65. Mr. Harris said he would look into it, as he was unsure what the payments were for. 
    • Membership Committee: Karlee Phippen – Ms. Phippen presented a new membership tier proposal along with Leah Phone. These new membership tiers give members more value for their money, and will in turn benefit the Chamber financially. Ms. Phippen and Ms. Phone discussed the idea of adding two new monthly events- Business Breakfasts and Lunch & Learn. These will be paid events by those who choose to come, and we will use different businesses each month- to spread the wealth. A few critiques were made, and Ms. Phone will make the corrections. Kim Smith-Casford adopts membership tiered package, contingent on discussed changes by June 1, Sue Windeck seconds.
    • Office Report: Leah Phone – May 15 open 7 days a week. Ms. Phone will decide what days to take off. No buses yet but may have some traffic starting this weekend. The ice cream freezer is at Terrie’s- we will need to order ice cream. Ms. Phone will make calls to get pricing and sizes on an ice cream freezer.
  8. Old Business:
    • Business After Hours: May 19, 2022, at Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Depot – Food catered by Rio Chama Espresso, and the gift shop will be open. Elizabeth Miller with NM Magazine will be at the event- a written piece on Chama. Wants to talk to local business owners. 
    • Beautification of Visitor Center- Landscape Committee Update – The mural is looking great, and will finish in the following week. We will have people to help move the train, but we will pay them. Roseann Talamante wanted to reimburse Randy & Katherine Pettingill with the train money that we no longer must spend (Jim Martens is donating it fully). Planters around on the train to deter people and kids from climbing on it. Kim Smith-Casford will buy picnic tables for the welcome center under her LLC. 
    • 5K/10K Race Update – Mary Ann Horan is doing a lot of work for the race. The donation to wounded warriors comes from the t-shirts. Runners are getting the t-shirts from Ms. Horan, we will sell a different t-shirt. No water bottles but will have dixie cups for runners during the race with water and Gatorade. Need 8-12 volunteers, 2-3 hours. Medals for the top 3 contestants. Alayna Alariana will donate personalized medals for Youth/Adult/Senior. Male/Female. 5k/10k. Adam Johnson will be building a podium for the awards ceremony. The timer needs to be clarified- Ms, Horan oversees this. Follow up with Katherine Pettingill and Ms. Horan
    • Cameras/Signage for Security – Marty Pobar has brought the camera to the welcome center. Will do camera systems for the outside, then purchase one more camera for the inside. Need signage claiming we are recording. 
    • Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up- May 16, 2022, at 5:00 pm – Leah Phone will send a reminder to all members. 
  9. New Business:
    • Bud Harris Resignation – Depends on Y Motel membership. Tabled until next month
    • Event Task Force- Alayna Alariana – Working on scheduling volunteer training: BJ Samora wants to train in fire safety and First Aid. Then would like to certify all volunteers. The sheriff’s department wants to be involved in all events as well and to provide training. Potential background checks for volunteers. Amy Staggs offers $18 background checks with their non-profit. This task force is here to help with all events and provides volunteers that want to help. Ariel suggests we find a way to be a part of the Chamber or Village to start applying for event support- primarily a part-time or full-time person. 
    • Bylaws/Bylaws Committee – Leah Phone will write a job description to add to the Bylaws. The welcome center needs to be added to the bylaws as well. Committee members include Kim Smith-Casford, Anna Pobar, Leah Phone, Sue Windeck
    • Executive Director/Welcome Center Staff Job Descriptions – Leah Phone will be writing these descriptions
    • Summer Schedule of Events – Tabled
    • Chama Valley Art Festival Booth (free) – Leah received an email to have a booth at the Art Festival. Kim suggests having something to sell. Board agrees to have a booth. 
  10. Motion to Adjourn: Next Meeting, June 14, 2022 – Adjourn at 19:48. Kim Smith-Casford makes the motion to adjourn, Abi Martinez Seconds. Motion Passes


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