Join us for Chama Days 2023 “1881”

Chama Days are back! Show up for Chama Days, August 10th thru 13th this year, and enjoy our festivities with an “1881” theme, celebrating the rough and tumble wild west youngest days of Chama as an incorporated town. There are many festivities happening in town and the local whereabouts. From an old timey’ rodeo to softball tournaments, parades of both the kiddie and grown-up variety, vendor booths, and some live musicians to entertain and delight any passerby and local alike.


Chama Days has 2 parades hosted by the Chama Valley Chamber of Commerce! Our will be held on Thursday, August 10th at 5:30 pm in Chama’s business district. It starts at 3rd Street and Hwy 17 at 5:30 PM and ends at Rio Chama Espresso.

The main parade begins at the intersection of 1st Street and Hwy 17. The main Parade will be held on Saturday, August 12th. Participants are expected to meet at the Chama Elementary School to register, line up, and for judging. Participants can participate as a competitive ($75), non-competitivee ($25), or as a politician ($60*). *$20 charge for additional politician/signage per float. 1st place will receive $400.00 cash, 2nd place will receive $250.00 cash, and 3rd place will receive $100.00 cash. Judging starts at 9:00 AM and parade starts at 10:30 AM. Show up after 8:00 AM for line-up! For questions or more information, call Jared Daniels or any of our Chama Welcome Center staff at 575-756-2306 or email [email protected].

The Parade float application for the main parade is below. Feel free to download and send it in! You can also sign up at our eventbrite link here:

Rodeo Events:

Take a gander at this flyer for the rodeo events at this year’s Chama Days, brought to you by Whitley Buckers. Check out their Facebook page here:

Watch this space for more details on the way!