High in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico lies a hidden gem. From its sparkling headwaters to its confluence with the mighty Rio Grande, the Rio Chama carves a valley of scenic beauty second to none…   

Nestled in the southern Rockies at 7,860 feet elevation, Chama is what one might consider a “best kept secret.” ​Towering mountain peaks, scenic vistas and deep, colorful gorges grace every direction, Chama is a diverse valley region famous for its art treasures and natural beauty stretching south from the Colorado border to the Tierra Amarilla Valley and down to Abiquiu. Many cultures call this water-blessed land home and the region offers visitors a chance to sample genuine local New Mexican cuisines, unique cultural events and colorful artisan wares.

​​Crowds are smaller here, and the attractions are grand! For the history buff, art lover, nature enthusiast and cultural explorer, the Rio Chama Valley offers boundless opportunities.

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Support Local Businesses: Shop and Eat Local

Merry Christmas! Can you believe Christmas is already here? I’m amazed at how this year has flown by! It’s been an incredible year for everyone. I think perhaps many, if not most, of us had our doubts about how 2021 would progress. After 2020, we hoped things would get better, but we still prepared for the worst. Slowly, we began to open, and then it was like the floodgates opened, and we were up and running! Chama thrived again! Being in the Northern New Mexico Welcome Center has given me a perfect vantage point to see many travelers and tourists coming through our quintessential village; so, trust me when I say, we were busy! Now, as the tourist season has calmed down, let’s keep the momentum going through this holiday season! Here are some things you can do to help keep our town bustling:

  1. Post and share information about the Chama Valley and its businesses on social media- if you have a business, post about what you’re doing. If you see a post about someone else’s business, updates on the community, or something exciting, go ahead and share it on your page.
  2. Shop/Buy locally- Most of what you need you can find at our local stores; so, when possible, shop/buy locally. We have excellent restaurants, boutiques and stores, mechanic shops, farmers, veterinarians, clinics and pharmacies, artists, etc. We need to support our local small businesses, which in turn, will support the Chama Valley’s overall economic health.
  3. Support local events- The Chama Valley has been very fortunate to hold most of its annual events this year and even included a few extras. Supporting these events is crucial if we wish them to continue to grow and succeed. Support looks different to everyone, but whether you show support by spreading the word, volunteering to help, making a financial or otherwise donation, or being a spectator, you can help make a difference. 

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The Chama Valley Chamber of Commerce is a community effort with the focus of building and enhancing the Chama Valley Community. We offer benefits, including assistance with marketing and advertising, advocacy, priority representation by the Chamber and the Northern New Mexico Welcome Center, and many other benefits.

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Northern New Mexico Welcome Center

The Chamber would like to recognize the Northern New Mexico Welcome Center as our feature business this month. In 2016 the State of New Mexico began closing welcome centers across the state, including the Northern New Mexico Welcome Center located in Chama, New Mexico. However, the Village of Chama realized the importance of having a welcome center. It worked together with the Chama Valley Chamber of Commerce to keep the Northern New Mexico Welcome Center or the Chama Valley Welcome Center open. This was a wise decision because the NNMWC has become a favorite stopping point for many travelers. Not only do travelers enjoy the “pit stop,” but they also look to the welcome center as a place of information. Requests for hotel information, shopping, restaurant hours, and places of interest are an everyday occurrence. Making sure the welcome center is stocked with local business brochures and other state area brochures, free maps, and travel guides is a priority.

The welcome center staff strives to provide the best customer service possible to create a memorable experience for all travelers regardless of whether the traveler is passing through or planning to stay. They have built a reputation of being friendly and accommodating, whether in person, over the phone, or through email. If you would like to have your business brochures displayed in the NNMWC, stop by Tuesday thru Saturday between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm. The welcome center would love to help promote your business! If you would like more information on the welcome center, please use the contact information listed below.


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